Research Unit HYCAR: Continental Hydrosystems - Resources, Risk, Restoration


The research unit HYCAR (Continental Hydrosystems: Resources, Risks, Restoration) is located in Antony (Ile-de-France, France). It gathers expertise in monitoring and modelling in hydrology, ecology and ecological engineering. Our research focuses on water resources, water-related risks (simulation, forecasting and management of hydrological hazards and risks, such as floods and droughts, and water-related risks, such as diffuse pollution) and on aquatic ecosystems exposed to anthropogenic pressures.

The originality of the research unit HYCAR lies, in particular, in the combination of fundamental research that brings knowledge to applied research, developed to serve transdisciplinary and operational management of water resources and water-related risks. To conduct its research, HYCAR has several experimental sites (including the ORACLE research observatory), laboratories and IT resources necessary for model development and simulations.

The HYCAR research unit gathers three research teams and one observatory:

  • The team Mitigation, Remediation, Transfert And Modelling of HydroSystems (ARTEMHYS) is specialised in diffuse pollution from agriculture, soil sciences, hydro-agricultural and rural infrastructures (including Nature-Based Solutions), wetland ecology and ecological engineering;
  • The team River Hydroecology (HEF) is specialised in ecological modelling, landscape, functional, community & population ecology, and river assessment & restoration;
  • The team Catchment Hydrology (HYDRO) focuses its research on hydrological modelling, hydro-meteorological forecasting, and the assessment of climate change impacts on water resources and hydrological risks;
  • The Long-Term Environmental Research Observatory ORACLE, including the experimental catchment of Orgeval (Seine-et-Marne, France), is a multidisciplinary observatory where streamflow, rainfall, water quality and fish communities are monitored since 1962.


Research Unit Director: Vazken Andréassian